All our extra resources are dedicated to explore new ways of learning and to develop topics which are less interesting from a commercial point of view. Per default the results will be made available under an open source license.

We are looking forward to expanding our network and community to make our efforts available to a larger audience! If you want to know more, or get in touch, please drop us an email to


current EU projects - Life Long Learning Programme & FP7

Started in fall 2010 is , a 4-year EC FP7 project with the ambitious goal to re-invent the ICT-classroom for the 21st century. We contribute especially in the field testing with public schools and the use of virtual world learning environments.

Started end of 2011 is the network which heads towards establishing a network of European Universities that use virtual worlds for joint teaching. This project is funded by the EC in the LLP programe and runs 3 Years.

Starting end of 2012 is the e-nspiration + Knowledge Alliances project which will run almost 2 years creating a unique distance learning experience. Practitioners from energy intensive industry will meet university students to reduce the CO2 footprint by using online learning, video and social media.

Austrian projects

We are also happy to support the project called "Learning is Personal", funded by 2012 which runs for 3 terms in a Viennese primary school. We also contribute to some Austrian IMST projects with our virtual world learning environments.

completed EU projects

talkademy is the initiator of AVALON, which is a 2-year project that deals with collecting experiences and best practices in running language courses in Second Life and teaching the skills that are needed in order to make best use of this environment, to language trainers.


Our second project, Talk with me, develops courses for less widley spoken Eastern European languages (Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovenian) and explores how to best exploit social motivation for language learning.